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Background Verification

I found an interesting Company called Crederity ( which verifies the background of people/companies etc... An interesting aspect I found is, one can go for a self verification and can show to the world that what he claims is verified....

Perfect example of TRUE LOVER

There was a blind BOY hated by everyone except her love, he told her if I had eyes I would marry u. Days passed by someone donated eyes to him He was surprised after seeing her love,  becoz she was blind.  The girl asked him  "will u marry me now"? The boy was calm and said no The girl walked away silently & told softly....  "take care of my eyes" Source: Email Forward

Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship day to all the friends who are part of my life and were there when I needed ... Friends in Veguru - Nellore District (Origin of my school life and friendship) Friends @ Saraswathi Vidyalaya, Nagapur (where I enjoyed 6th and 7th - second stage of my school life) Friends @ Vijetha Public Scool, Kovour, Nellore (Where I studied 8th, 9th and 10th Classes - People who have seen the origin of full grown chakri) Friends @ KORA College (Intermediate - Study Days) Friends @ Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College   (B.Tech - Happy Days) Friends @ IIIT Hyderabad (M. Tech - Techy Days ;) ) And all other friends whom I did not mention but were part of my life ... I thank each one of you for leaving your foot prints in my life ... If you are my friend and if you don't have my contact information then please leave a comment with your email address...

Google disabled my Gmail ID with out any reason

Five days back I logged into Linkedin account and found that emails sent to my email address chakravarthy.p [AT] are getting bunced. I logged into my gmail ID and I was sent to this page I found that google forwards to this page if one's google Id is suspended by google. I do not use any google service using this email ID. I use this with job sites and linkedin and forward the mails to my personal ID. There is no chance that I violated any of their terms. I have contacted the gmail Team 3 times using the contact link from the forwarded page but they did not respond. Its already been 3 days since my gmail ID got blocked. Be carefull with your gmail IDs and always back up the personal mails. The worst thing I expect from google happened to me for no reason. I am using Yahoo from 10 Years and there is not single problem. I started using gmail fr

Problems Reveal Genius (Re-Blogged)

Problems are servants. They help you grow and lead to better things, both within your organization and in your life. To resist them is to avoid growth and progress. Embrace and get the best from the challenges in front of you. And understand that the only people with no problems are dead. An unhappy customer yelling at you might seem like a problem. But to a person thinking like a leader, that scenario is also an opportunity to improve the organization's processes to ensure that doesn't happen again. So the problem has actually helped to improve the company. Read rest of the article at

Team Lead and U

The way u feel in the office by higher authorities...... (When you join the project) - "Please don't hesitate to come to me any time for any technical or domain help" (When you go to him for help) - "Do a 'man' on this, search in the books, try to find it out yourself ............." (When you 'try to find it out yourself') - "You can't waste time like this. You should've come to me for help. We have to deliver ...............Come to my place" (When you go to him for help, again) - "Don't make any changes in the code now. Come up with a document for impact analysis by lunch" (when you go to him Just before lunch) - "So, what have you done since morning? This document? Shall we deliver this? How many lines of coding did you do?............. See, this is not the way we should work" (when you go to him 1 hr after lunch, with a small amount of coding -that's all what's neces