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Seven choices you make in the current moment of life

One should always keep a tab on the seven choices he/she makes in the current moment of life. These will decide the direction and quality of journey in life.
What you focus on (A High Level)What you thinkWhat you sayWhat you doWhat attitude you carryHow you reactWhat you speak with you (or What you believe)

Problems Reveal Genius (Re-Blogged)

Problems are servants. They help you grow and lead to better things, both within your organization and in your life. To resist them is to avoid growth and progress. Embrace and get the best from the challenges in front of you. And understand that the only people with no problems are dead.
An unhappy customer yelling at you might seem like a problem. But to a person thinking like a leader, that scenario is also an opportunity to improve the organization's processes to ensure that doesn't happen again. So the problem has actually helped to improve the company.
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