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Team Lead and U

The way u feel in the office by higher authorities......

(When you join the project) -

"Please don't hesitate to come to me any time for any technical or domain help"

(When you go to him for help) -

"Do a 'man' on this, search in the books, try to find it out yourself

(When you 'try to find it out yourself') -

"You can't waste time like this. You should've come to me for help. We
have to deliver ...............Come to my place"

(When you go to him for help, again) -

"Don't make any changes in the code now. Come up with a document for
impact analysis by lunch"

(when you go to him Just before lunch) -

"So, what have you done since morning? This document? Shall we
deliver this? How many lines of coding did you do?............. See,
this is not the way we should work"

(when you go to him 1 hr after lunch, with a small amount of coding
-that's all what's necessary) -

"Only this much coding since morning !!!"(Probably, you could've
added the lyrics of a Hindi song in your code to make it look
healthy). "Change here, ......... change there, ............. Add
here,................ Modify there ................. Do it NOW"

(When you go to him with the changes suggested by him) -

"Who asked you to do these? Everything's wrong here. See, this is not
the way we should work..............."

(Every 10 mins) -

"So? What's the status?????


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