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Save Rocks

Yesterday, I visited a fort in devarakonda with the Save Rocks group. It was a nice fort with well built facilities like, wells, lakes, cannon camps etc...

We had some rock climbing experts with us and they helped us to do bouldering. The fort is built surrounding five hills. All the water which flow down the hill is stored in small dams built under them. There were lot of paddy fields one side of the fort which gives a beautiful sight from the top of the hill (one of the five hills).

It was very relieving to see the nature full of rocks and greenery after being in Hyderabad containing lot of Traffic and Pollution. It takes 2 hours to reach the place from Hyderabad.

We need to save these forts (which showcase our natural heritage) and pass them on to the future generations.

Save Rocks Society: The aim of the society is to make people reliaze the beauty of rocks (which take millions of years to form naturally) to people and save them from destroying. In the effort of doing this, they organize trips to different places every month.

Every one can participate in these trips. They post the trip information in their website and also give an ad in the local newspaper.


  1. Heartfelt thanks for introducing me to Save Rocks. I've always been passionate about the wilds, and since I came to Hyderabad, I've been a big admirer of these lovely smooth boulders. It's sad the way they're disappearing from the face of Hyderabad. Let's do what we can to save them.

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