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MailNation offers One Tera Byte Email Storage

I just got the message that Mail Nation is providing new Mail accounts with 1 Tera Byte storage. They are offering more than one domain to create your account ( Eg., The free service includes, Webmail with 1TeraByte ( 1000 GB ) storage and Mail forwarding feature. You have to pay 19$ if you want POP and SMTP access to your mail box.

If you create your account and login, you will find the message "Please note that the use of YahooGroups is strictly prohibited. If you choose to receive such emails, your account will be deleted without notice. Thank you." .

The Webmail interface resembles that of MS Outlook and its very clean with out ads.You won't find any ads even in the free service.

If you go for fee mail account , then you need to login atleast one for every 60 days to retain your account.

I think mailnation has used good strategy to penetrate into E-mail bussiness, but they are offering the free account to lure you towards their Paid Email service. I did not like the policy that you should not use Yahoo groups with that account. But lets see what will happen in the future.

Create an account in Mail Nation and have fun.


  1. Tried this out. Thanks for your post! MailNation works like a charm! reliable and fast! GREAT support too!


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