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What is True Wealth ?

True Wealth is So Much More Than Money

The majority of people think of the word ‘wealth’ in terms of finances only but this is a narrow view of what it means to be wealthy. Wealth consists of every area within one’s life — health, relationships, finances, time, so on and so forth.

There are 4 types of wealth:
  1. Financial wealth (Money)
  2. Social wealth (Status)
  3. Time wealth (Freedom)
  4. Physical wealth (Health)
The majority of people chase money and status at the expense of freedom and health. In the short term, this “works” somewhat to the favor of the individual but in the long term, it produces nasty consequences.

Be careful of the system which tempt you in with financial wealth (money) and social wealth (status), but rob you of time wealth (freedom) and physical wealth (health).

What do you think about this ?