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Online 2 Year MS Software Systems (MSSS) Program from Bits Pilani

BITS is offering an online (not classroom) 2 Year MS Software Systems (MSSS) Program.

Whoever interested can go through this link:

You can contact:
George Daleep (; 09959188837)
Santha_Oommen (; 09849427215)

More Info From Bits Advertisement:

Since we have received a number of queries from associates on the MS
program from BITS Pilani, we would like to clarify matters. BITS is
offering an online (not classroom) 2 Year MS Software Systems (MSSS)
Program provided you meet conditions.

Some basic information about eligibility, requirements and fees
is given below:

Eligibility Criteria: First Class BE / MSc /
MCA / MBA / BITS BS (Minimum 60% aggregate) or equivalent degree and at
least 12 months of relevant post-qualification experience. Candidates with
3-year BSc, BCA, BBA, BCS, BIT etc are NOT eligible.

Additional (Mandatory) Requirements: Employer Consent
and Mentor Consent (to be completed and signed on the Application Form

Mentor Qualification and Experience: ME / MTech / MS /
MPhil / PhD in any discipline or BE/MSc / MCA / MBA / BITS BS with at
least 10 years of work experience. A copy of Mentor's highest degree
certificate is mandatory with the application.

Application Deadline: Duly completed application forms
with all enclosures (duly attested wherever applicable) should reach Dean,
DLPD, BITS, Pilani latest by May 31, 2008. Applications received after the
deadline will not be considered.

Applicant must attach a DD for Rs.800 payable at Pilani (or Rs. 900 in
case of outstation DD) along with the application form. We will also
accept a single DD for all application forms sent by Satyam, if all the
forms are sent together.

Programme Fees:
Application Fees: Rs. 800/- (along
with the application)
Admission Fees: Rs. 10, 000/- (one time payment
upon admission)
Semester Fees: Rs. 20, 000/- (along with registration
for each semester)
Upon admission, the candidate has to pay

Examination Dates and Exam Centres:
The First
Semester 2008-2009 starts on Saturday, June 07, 2008.

Exam Dates:
Regular Mid-Semester Tests (40%, Closed
Book, 2 Hours): August 2-3, 2008
Regular Comprehensive Exams (60%, Open
Book, 3 Hours): September 27-28, 2008.

Exam Centres:
Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai,
Goa, Hosur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagda, Pilani and Pune.

Please visit the link to the BITS DLP website for downloading the
application form for admission to M.S. Software Systems:

We would like to inform you that MS in Software Engineering (MSSE)
class room program is being offered only at Hyderabad (provided there is a
minimum batch strength). BITS is not agreeable to start the MSSE program
at other locations. Interested associates may please contact as under.


  1. It is updated recently that for B.Scs in Satyam also MS program is being scheduled and it is supposed to be conducted from January 2009.Is there any information regarding this?

  2. Chakravarthy,

    Good work!!

    Do you know any info. regarding the Offline(Distance Education program) of MS Software Systems in Bits Pilani?

    If so, could you please reply me to

    Thanks in advance

  3. Chakravarthy,

    Thanks for the info.

    Do you know any info. abt the Offline (Distance Education program) of MS Software Systems in BITS pilani ?

    If so, Could you please reply me to my email id -

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Hi
    Could you tell by what time would this sessions admissions begin ?

    Also where can i see the notification ?

  5. hi ,
    Reg the Mentor details does a mentor with M.E degree alos need 10 years or certain years of work expereince???
    If so kindly let me knw how much expereince is need for the same.

  6. Hi,

    How many 'D' grades are allowed till 3rd semester of MS Software Systems?


  7. hi sir i am sreejith doing coresspondense in ms software systems in bits so i would like to know hw to check prescribed authors
    for the subjects given in course package

  8. I have not taken the course. For any further details please contact the website or call the Bits, Pilani.

  9. hi,
    i saw bits web site for off campus work integrated , about eligibility it is not saying any 60% criteria, i have not 60% in my graduation.pls clarify.

  10. Definitely, It’s nice blog here. My Exam Results provide valuable information university, college exam results, SSC, HSC and other extensive entrance exam results.
    --Gnanendra Seth

  11. I m Jeevan finished BSC(Maths , Statistics and ComputerScience) in 2008.Hav 2yrs 2 months of experience in IT industry.Am I eligible for Bits MS software systems programme.Please help me.somebody is saying that Bsc 's with stats baground is eligible .Is it true.
    My id is


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