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Cartoon Physics

A page in wikipedia tells about the laws in cartoon world. I found it in a blog. Look at some of the laws:

  • Explosives, even if detonated close to a character's face, will cause only scorching of the skin. (Prior to the efforts of the American Civil Rights Movement, characters would often take on the appearance of blackface and sometimes briefly sing a short song such as Way Down Upon the Swanee River.) Similarly, a gun discharged directly into the face will seldom fire an actual bullet but will instead fire what is essentially a directed explosion with the same properties as above, or a flag with the word "BANG!!".
  • Similarly, if a cartoon character is hit by a flat object, such as a cymbal or a large hammer, it will be flattened, and will appear like a pancake for the remainder of the scene, until it either walks off screen or 'springs' back into its normal shape.
  • Characters or objects can come out of telephones.
  • Characters are allowed to swim or blow themselves upwards a short distance in the air before falling normally. Sometimes when a character runs off the edge of a cliff, they will not actually start falling until they look down and realize they should.
  • When a toon (normally a villain) saws off a platform, it causes the main platform, with the toon standing on it, to fall down, with the sawed-off platform floating on air.
  • Glues are remarkably strong, as it is impossible for characters to remove the glued object.
  • When a male character is waiting for a long time, regardless of age he may grow a beard or stubble.
Read the full info at wiki.