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Know what women say...

FINE - This is the word women use to end an argument when they feel they

 are right and you need to shut up. Never use "fine" to describe how a woman

 looks - this will cause you to have one of those arguments.


 FIVE MINUTES - This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes

 that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so

 it's an even trade.


 NOTHING - This means "something," and you should be on your toes. "Nothing"

 is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you

 inside out, upside down, and backwards. "Nothing" usually signifies an

 argument that will last "Five Minutes" and end with "Fine".


 GO AHEAD (With Raised Eyebrows!) - This is a dare. One that will result in

 a woman getting upset over "Nothing" and will end with the word "Fine".


 GO AHEAD (Normal Eyebrows) - This means "I give up" or "Do what you want

 because I don't care". You will get a "Raised Eyebrow Go Ahead" in just a

 few minutes, followed by "Nothing" and "Fine" and she will talk to you in

 about "Five Minutes" when she cools off.


 LOUD SIGH - This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement

 often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot

 at that moment, and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and

 arguing with you over "Nothing".


 SOFT SIGH - Again, not a word, but a non-verbal statement. "Soft Sighs"

 mean that she is content. Your best bet is to not move or breathe, and she

 will stay content.


 THAT'S OKAY - This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can

 make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard

 before paying you back for whatever it is that you have done. "That's Okay"

 is often used with the word "Fine" and in conjunction with a "Raised



 GO AHEAD! - At some point in the near future, you are going to be in some

 mighty big trouble.


 PLEASE DO - This is not a statement, it is an offer. A woman is giving you

 the chance to come up with whatever excuse or reason you have for doing

 whatever it is that you have done. You have a fair chance with the truth,

 so be careful and you shouldn't get a "That's Okay".


 THANKS - A woman is thanking you. Do not faint. Just say "You're welcome. "


 THANKS A LOT - This is much different from "Thanks". A woman will say

 "Thanks A Lot" when she is really ticked off at you. It signifies that you

 have offended her in some callous way, and will be followed by the "Loud

 Sigh". Be careful not to ask what is wrong after the "Loud Sigh" as she

 will only tell you "Nothing


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